Product Care

How to look after your Fairlie Creatives 

Polymer clay needs to stay dry so should never be worn in water. They can take a splash or two but always best to remove before showering or swimming. Also keep them out of direct sunlight as they don't deal well with excessive heat. Almost as fickle as a fiddle leaf fig!

Polymer clay is strong and will have some flexibility but it is not unbreakable be careful removing from card and ears by holding the front of the earring and gently sliding the earring back from the earring stud. New pairs can be a little stiff to remove so a wiggle side to side can help.

Store away from sharp edges as the earrings can be scratched. Try also to not spray directly with perfumes. 

Earrings are fragile so please avoid dropping and rough handling

Earrings will be finished with surgical stainless steel posts, sterling silver hooks or hypoallergenic materials unless stated otherwise .

For cleaning gently wipe with a baby wipe or a damp cloth.